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JCEEI partners - University of Exeter and Met Office
JCEEI partners - University of Exeter and Met Office

About us

There is a growing public and political awareness of our vulnerability to environmental challenges and there is an increasing demand for Environmental Intelligence.

Research in the Joint Centre has a strong trans- and inter-disciplinary focus and is driven by potential for societal impact. Environmental Intelligence is an inherently inter-disciplinary activity and the Joint Centre is committed to bringing together world-leading researchers from a range of disciplines and working together with industry, business, governments and other stakeholders to enhance society’s resilience to environmental and climatic change and to build a more sustainable future and contribute to Net Zero.

The Joint Centre has close affiliations with various institutes and centres across the Met Office and University of Exeter, and is working with The Alan Turing Institute, the national institute for data science and artificial intelligence. Thus ensuring the Joint Centre benefits from access to the wealth of expertise within The Turing Institute and its partners and is based on the very latest developments in data science and artificial intelligence.

The Joint Centre is pioneering research and development that is be crucial in ensuring that the full potential of Environmental Intelligence becomes a reality. This includes:

  • The large-scale integration of data from multiple, diverse, data sources together with the outputs of models and simulations of geophysical and human processes;
  • Development of the accessible, scalable infrastructure that will be required to facilitate critical workflows, data management and the simplification of extracting knowledge from data;
  • The communication of results in a manner that creates trust in the data and the production of outputs in a form that are useable in established, and developing, decision making processes.
  • Building capacity and skills across a range of communities including researchers, policy makers and industry, and supporting a new generation of multi-disciplinary researchers and decision-makers who will work at the interface of environmental science and AI.
JCEEI partners - University of Exeter and Met Office