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JCEEI partners - University of Exeter and Met Office
JCEEI partners - University of Exeter and Met Office

1. How is the JCEEI helping to tackle climate change?

Environmental Intelligence is a new field of knowledge that utilises Environmental data and the rapid advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create solutions to the most important challenges facing society today. The JCEEI is pioneering the use of Environmental Intelligence to inform decision-making and improve risk management, leading us towards a sustainable interaction with the natural environment and supporting the delivery of COP26 goals.

2. How does the JCEEI support the goals of COP 26?

Climate risks are determined by how vulnerable we, and our surroundings are when exposed to climate-related hazards. The JCEEI’s Climate Impacts Mitigation, Adaption and Resilience (CLIMAR) framework uses Data Science and AI to integrate multiple sources of data to quantify and visualise the risks of climate change on populations, infrastructure and the economy. CLIMAR creates decision-ready information to policy makers, industry and the public to achieve net zero and adapt to protect communities and natural habitats.

3. What is the focus of the JCEEI?

Working at the interface of environmental and sustainability research, data science, artificial intelligence and digital technologies, the JCEEI is tackling climate change, extreme weather events and poor air quality and health across 3 programmes: Research, Development and Application; Infrastructure and Data Engineering Research; and Capital Building and Skills Development. The ability to integrate data and information from multiple, inter-related, sources provides a step-change in our understanding of the complex interactions between the environment, climate, natural ecosystems, human social and economic systems, and health. This in turn allows better holistic decisions to be made in solving today’s biggest challenges.


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JCEEI partners - University of Exeter and Met Office