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JCEEI partners - University of Exeter and Met Office
JCEEI partners - University of Exeter and Met Office

Mitigating Risks and Creating Business Solutions with Environmental Intelligence

On the 24th May, the World Economic Forum in Davos will be hosting a University of Exeter and Arctic Base Camp collaborative event on how business leaders can access scientific data to address the global risks from climate change.

There is a wealth of environmental and social-economic data that can be used to monitor our planet, but not enough in a usable form that provides businesses with the information they need to mitigate risks, adapt and develop solutions to climate change. There is a clear need for accessible digital platforms alongside scientific expertise to help businesses take effective action and plan ahead. This session will explore how scientists can work with technology and business leaders to fully integrate sustainability data with advances in data science, artificial intelligence and cutting-edge digital technologies and services to provide real-time, meaningful and actionable insights that will be crucial in addressing global risks.

Environmental intelligence has the ability to galvanize leaders’ collective understanding of current and emerging risks which provides the architecture for effective action. But there are many barriers to identifying and effectively making sense of global risks, particularly those that are complex.

New digital platforms like Johns Hopkins COVID-19 platform, the Arctic Risk Platform or the Global Forests Watch are examples of opportunities to link science, data science and digital technologies. This session will explore how to extend these efforts and consider how best to develop a global risks dashboard that compiles transparent, real-time and longer term trend data on social and environmental risks, and that can be supplemented by risk analytics. In the session we will also hear from world-leading experts on Environmental Intelligence and how it can be used to create future solutions for businesses in a changing global climate.


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JCEEI partners - University of Exeter and Met Office